Three day long self-guided Bicycle Tour along the Portuguese coast in North Portugal.

- 3 days¹
- Distance: ±117 km
- Difficulty: 1/5
- Physical condition needed: 1/5
- 1 person or more/tour

Our motto is: Discovery Portugal! We created our individual bicycle tours for those with free spirits who like to discover new places at their own pace and like to go by their own time schedule without adapting to others. For the perfect tour we provide you with routes, guidance, some useful information and transportation to the starting point of the tour and from the ending point of the tour back to your accommodation/airport. The greatest advantage of this tour of ours is that you can set your own pace, nobody will slow you down or rush you, if you want to take your time and have a long look at the beautiful scenery over coffee , you can do so, you will be on your own time schedule which you can’t do on group tours. That is the whole point of this tour so you can enjoy to the fullest what Portugal has to offer and also you can share it with your friends.

Our North Portugal bicycle tour starts from the “Land of the stags”, from Vila Nova de Cerveira, the most northern part of Portugal. The history of this town goes way back, providing the visitors much to see such as the medieval city center and the castle from the 14th century, the deer statue on top of a mountain looking over the city, numerous churches and chapels. From here your tour continues along the river Minho right on the Spanish / Portuguese border through the town of Caminha all the way to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Caminha is also full of wonderful sights it is worth looking around there. The tour continues along the cost of the Atlantic Ocean all the way down to Porto. On your way there you get to cycle through such famous towns as Viana do Castelo (known for Santa Luzia Basilica and its traditional ship building), Póvoa de Varzim the town of fishermen and Vila do Conde where you can see Santa Clara Monastery and its aqueducts.

Do you like seafood? Then this is the place for you! Every single town mentioned above has their own specialty. For example “Pescada à Poveira” (the fisherman platter of Póvoa de Varzim) or all the variations of meals made of codfish (Bacalhau assado no forno, feijão com bacalhau e couve, etc.) or their beloved grilled Sardinia. And of course what could be better to drink while eating these amazing meals than the two most famous wines of the region, Porto wine and the so-called ‘Green Wine’, which is the number 2 export wine of Portugal right after Porto wine, this type of wine can be made of grapes growing only in the northern region. Let’s not forget about the desserts you can eat there, it is best if you try as many as you can, you will not regret it for sure!
To sum it up, here in the northern part there is so much to see, feel and taste, come and pick up the rhythm of Portugal!

 Tour overview:

We pick you up at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto) at a prearranged time then drive you to the starting point of the tour, to Vila Nova de Cerveira. After discussing and reviewing the tour and safety instructions your tours then starts. The pace and duration of the tour is absolutely up to you, enjoy it to the fullest try to get the most out of all the opportunities this area can offer you. At the end of your tour we pick you up in Porto at a prearranged time and take you back to Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

The price of North Portugal bicycle tour (23% TAX incl.) 179.00 €/person 2

The price of the tour includes:

  • The track of the tour + sights, accommodation, alternative routes 
  • A list of accommodations
  • Transportation from Porto Airport to Vila Nova de Cerveira by car/mini van³
  • Transportation from Porto city center to the airport by the end of the tour³
  • Liability insurance and personal accident insurance

The price does not include:

  • Travelling to Porto, Portugal and back home
  • Guided tour (optional)
  • Rental fee of bicycles and GPS (optional)
  • Entry fees and facultative programs
  • Other extra costs
  • Meals, accommodation

¹ Recommended duration for this tour is 3 days, if you follow the normal route. This much time should be absolutely enough to complete the tour, but you can consider spending more time doing this tour to get the most out of this experience.
² If you would like to enjoy this tour with friends, then we provide a 20% discount per person for two people and a 30% discount per person for three or more people. This discount applies to the basic price of the tour it does not apply to bicycle and GPS rental fees.
³ Pre-arranged transportations (to/from other cities than Porto to/from the starting/ending point of the tour) are available for extra cost.
 Tour guidance is available for extra cost. For details please contact us.

Travelling to Portugal/Porto

You can travel to the city of Porto by plane, to the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport. It is serviced by some 20 airline companies which operate both business class and low cost flights, such as TAP Portugal, Ryanair, Air Transat. These airline companies establish connections between Porto and sundry national and international destinations, such as Lisbon, Brussels, Toronto, Montreal, Milan, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt and London.
For further information about transporting bicycles on an airplane, You should consult the airline company you choose to fly with.

Useful information for travelling

- Skyscanner – to search and to book flights
- Weather forecast Portugal 
- Information about Portugal 

You can only register for this bicycle tour via e-mail or telephone. Thank you!


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