Romantic bicycle tour by the river Lima


1 day
Distance: 14 km
Difficulty: 1/5
Physical condition needed: 1/5
Number of participants: 2 or more persons ¹

Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable day in Northern Portugal by the river Lima! This 14 km, unguided bicycle tour will take you from Viana do Castelo to Ponte de Lima, the final destination of this trip. During the journey, there will be many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful riverside landscapes, to picnic and explore these historic Portuguese towns. We can accommodate this one-day-tour to fit in easily to your own planned holiday.
For the perfect experience, we provide you with everything including classic Dutch bicycles, a complete picnic basket full of Portuguese food and drinks, and of course, we will arrange all the transportation. By car, we will bring you to the starting point and pick you up in Ponte de Lima at the end of the day.

Day trip overview:
At a pre-arranged date and time, we pick you up in the Porto vicinity and travel together by car to Viana do Castelo, the starting point of this tour. After adjusting the bikes for height and providing an overview of the trip including safety rules, your bicycle tour begins. The duration of the tour is up to you alone to enjoy at your own pace. At a pre-arranged time at the end of the day, we pick you up in Ponte de Lima and return together by car back to Porto.

Romantic bicycle tour price (23% TAX incl.) 65,00 €/person ¹

Price includes:

  • Classic Dutch tour bikes
  • Picnic basket with lunch, beverages and blanket. With advanced notice, we will do our best to accommodate special dietary requests.
  • Transportation from Porto to Viana do Castelo by car ²
  • Transportation from Ponte de Lima back to Porto by car
  • GPS device with track of the route +Points of interests
  • Map and description of Ponte de Lima including tourist attractions
  • Liability insurance and personal accident insurance
  • Technical support package (basic tools, pump, reserve inner tube)
  • Helmets 3

Price excludes:

  • Travel to Portugal/Porto and back
  • Tour guide (available at extra cost and with other tour packages)
  • Entry fees for tourist attractions and other optional expenses
  • Extra meals


¹ If you would like to enjoy this bicycle tour with friends, we offer a 5% discount for a group of six or more persons.

² It is possible to change the pick up point beyond the Porto vicinity. For this service, an extra cost is added to the price of the tour determined by the distance from Porto.

³ Safety first! Using a proper bicycle helmet is mandatory on our every bicycle tour, so if you do not have one, just let us know and we lend you one.! 


Travelling to Portugal/Porto

You can travel to the city of Porto by plane, to the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, It is serviced by some 20 airline companies which operate both business class and low cost flights, such as TAP Portugal, Ryanair, Air Transat. These airline companies establish connections between Porto and sundry national and international destinations, such as Lisbon, Brussels, Toronto, Montreal, Milan, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt and London.
For further information about transporting bicycles on an airplane, You should consult the airline company you choose to fly with.

Useful information for travelling

- Skyscanner – to search and to book flights
- Weather forecast Portugal 
- Information about Portugal 


You can sign up for this bicycle tour via e-mail or telephone. Thank you!


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