Epic Climb Tour - Alto de l'Angliru

Caminha-Lagos bicycle tour
Epic Climb Tour - Alto de l'Angliro

"Alto de l’Angliru (also known as Gramonal) is one of the most famous mountains passes in the cycling sport, and one of the most demanding: 12.2 kilometers at an incredible 10.2%, grading out at a maximum of 23.5% not far from the top. This mountain pass is located in in Asturias, near La Vega-Riosa, in northern Spain. This is a road that some professional cyclists have even refused to climb due to how rough it is."


Know you have the chance to cycle where many legends in the history os cycling had! Are you up to the challange?

Special Tour Price: 159,00€/person 129,00€/person
Bicycle rental fee: 40€/day/person (Specialized Tarmac carbon frame race bike)



2 days - 1 bicycle tour1
Distance: ± 50 km
Pozitiv elevation: ±2400 m
Difficulty: 5/5
Physical condition needed: 4/5
Number of participants: 4-12 persons
Terrain type: 95% asphalt

The price inculdes:

- Transportation from Porto to Grandiella (Spain) by car
- Transportation from Grandiella (Spain) to Porto by car
- Accomodation in Grandiella (1 night, double bed rooms)
- Tour guide
- Liability insurance and personal accident insurance
- Technical support
- Lifetime experience of climbing an iconic ascent of the Tour of Spain

The price excludes:

- Rental fee of the bicycle (optional)
- Meals and drinks
- Entry fees for tourist attractions (optional)
- Bicycle gear, helmet, spare parts (excluding innertube, brake and gear cables)2
- Other additional or optional expenses

Trip overview:
Day 1: We meet after lunch at 13:00 (specific location to be defined) than we travel to Grandiella/Spain. The estimated arrival to Grandiella is 19:00 where we check in the guesthouse. The tour guide prepares the bikes (adjustments on the rented bikes) and helps to the participants in any technical questions related to their bicycles. At the end of the day we dinner together and the tour guide presents the tour and the route to the participants.

Day 2: After breakfast more or less at 9:00 the bicycle tour begins. After concluding the bicyle tour we prepare ourselves to the journey back to Porto/Portugal. The estimated arrival to Porto is 21:00-23:00.

Booking and payment information:
We advise making your reservations for your bicycle tour as soon as possible to ensure there is a place for you and your party. Once the tour is fully booked, no more vacancies will be shown. For further information about cancellation and pass-through of the tour, please read the Terms and conditions section. If you wish to participate on this tour, you have to book it via THIS FORM and pay at least the deposit, which is 75% of the tour price (96€/person) via bank transfer (information below). The rest of the tour price (33€/person) can be payed personally in cash on the day when the tour begins or via bank transfer. Please identify in the bank transfer description the tour name (Epic Climb Tour- Angliru) and the date of the tour.
In case you would like to rent a bicycle from us for the tour (40€/day/person), than you can pay that as well via bank transfer or pay it in cash on the beginning day of the tour. You also have to pay a deposit of 300€ in cash on the begiging day of the tour and sign a term of responsibility. Of course we pay you back the deposit when the tour ends, if you return the bicycle in a good shape and in the same conditions as it was given. If it was damaged, the full restoration cost are payed by the cliente, deducted partially or fully from the deposit. If the costs of the damage exceeds the deposit value, the remaining value is payed by the cliente as well.


1We recommend this tour to those who have at least 0,5-1 year of cycling experience! To those who can handle race bikes properly, who have higher stamina than average and do sports regularly. The level changes of the tour are quite extreme so we recommend this tour to the ones in love with mountains.

2Safety first! Using a proper bicycle helmet is mandatory on our every bicycle tours, as well as compliance and responsible behavior according to the Highway Code in Portugal and Spain. If you do not have a helmet, please let us know when you subscribe for the tour, we lend you one!