A bit more about Portugal - Vinho Verde / Green wine

Green grapesGreen grapesVinho Verde is the biggest wine producing region in Portugal, located up in the northwest where the weather is cool and wet.

The vines grow in fertile, granite soils along rivers that flow from the mountains of the east to burst out into the ocean in the historic Minho province which named after the Minho river.

Approximately 85 million liters of Vinho Verde are produced each year. The name Vinho Verde does not mean ‘green’ wine. ‘Verde’ actually refers to it being a young wine since the wines are released 3-6 months after harvest, and it applies even to the red types.

Vinho verdeVinho verdeFrom this unique region and its native grapes comes a unique white wine. Light, fresh, young and delightfully aromatic. Vinho Verde suits all kinds of occasions: a sunny picnic, a restaurant meal, a romantic night in. Vinho Verde is great with salads, fish, seafood, vegetable dishes and citrus sauces. Often these wines are semi-sparkling.

For much more info on Vinho Verde Wines check out their websit, click here.

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