A bit more about Portugal - Wines in Portugal

GrapesGrapesPortugal is the sixth largest wine producer on the world. The most of the territory is a wine region. Portugal has impressive heritage of more than 250 native grape varieties. It has so many wine style and flavours, like Port wine and the liqueur wine of Madeira but they traditionally produce red, white and sparkling wine as well.

During the period of discoveries, Henry the Navigator brought to the newly discovered island of Madeira the Muscat and Malvasia. In the golden period that followed the Discoveries, the Portuguese wines worked as a ballast in ships and caravels that traded the products brought from Brazil and the East.

Table wineTable winePortugal has some of the most underrated, affordable table wines in the world. The Portuguese word "garrafeira" denotes an especially high quality table wine. Generally, red wines designated garrafeira have been aged in a tank or barrel for at least two years before bottling and have spend at least one year in bottle. White wines must be aged six months prior to bottling, followed by six months in bottle.

White and Red WineWhite and Red Wine All region has a different taste of wine. Did you know that the most of the wines are remain in their own region? If you want to taste the different types of the wine,the best choise is to ask the table wine (Vinho de mesa) or wine of the house (Vinho de casa) than you can have a pleasent discovery.

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