A bit more about Portugal - Eucalyptus

Karri Knight Eukalyptus tree highest in europe Twitter Forest EuropeKarri Knight Eukalyptus tree highest in europe Twitter Forest EuropeBy the 19th century there was almost no native woodland left in Portugal . In 1866, 35,000 eucalyptus were planted around Coimbra in an effort to control devastating erosion. Two type of eucalyptus grow in Portugal, the Eucalyptus globulus and the blue gum.

Now the exotic blue gum is the most abundant tree in Portugal, covering about 7% of the land. It is an evergreen tree. Grows very fast, after the first year it is already 3 m high. The thirty-year-old eucalyptus as big as a two hundred year old oak. The tallest trees in Europe is in Vale de Canas (nearby Coimbra,Portugal), and it is an eucalyptus tree, 72,9 m (239 ft 2 in) high.

In September 2015 a team from the UK climbed this tree and measured it . They spent two days as well as a night up in the tree. For the story click here.

Eucalyptus trees in our backyardEucalyptus trees in our backyard Blue gum flowers are considered a good source of nectar and pollen for bees.

Did you know that according some Portuguese, the leaf sap of the eucalyptus is good for the mosquito bite?

Would you like to see it? Come and cycle with us in Portugal!

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