A bit more about Portugal - Age of Discovery

Age of explorationAge of explorationThe age of Discovery started at the 15th century.

Prince Henry the Navigator founded the Navigation school in Sagres. He made it compulsory for the sailors to prepare maps and log book during their voyage.

CaravelCaravelUnder his direction, a new and much lighter ship was developed, the caravel, which could sail further and faster. Madeira was probably discovered in 1420 and Azores in 1427 by a Portuguese ships sailing under the Henry’s direction.

Map age of explorationMap age of explorationTo highlight some famous Portuguese explorer: Vasco da Gama who found a sea route to India, Pedro Álvares Cabral who discovered of Brazil, Ferdinand Magellan who circumnavigated the word as the first explorer and Bartolomeu Dias, the first person who crossed the Cape of Good Hope. Did you know that Vasco da Gama died in India on his third voyage and his remains were returned to Portugal only after 14 years?

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