Ronde van Nederland: Done!

This series is about our attempt to do the Ronde van Nederland in four days by doing 330-340 km each day, in total 1300 km. The journey begins next week on the 29th of March and hopefully ends on the 1st of April. You can follow what is happening during the preparation time and on the tour itself on our Instagram page under the #wncNLchallenge hashtag and here on the blog.

So, we have done it! It is not an attempt anymore. It was a great adventure, but well exhausting to do. The four days passed rapidly, I barely had time to stop and look around. I have made in total 1225 km instead of 1300 km, because of the shortcuts.  We are going to write further 2-4 blog post about the Ronde van Nederland with more details in the upcoming next two weeks, to give more insight to this journey and to share our personal experiences too. Until then, take a look at the pictures I have made along the route on our Flickr account (link below), or look up the „live feed” on Instagram (link above). I have recorded also my route via Strava, you can check it out on this link or here.

See you soon with more details!


Photo gallery on Flickr

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