Ronde van Nederland: Three days to go

The ingredientsThe ingredientsThis series is about our attempt to do the Ronde van Nederland in four days by doing 330-340 km each day, in total 1300 km. The journey begins next week on the 29th of March and hopefully ends on the 1st of April. You can follow what is happening during the preparation time and on the tour itself on our Instagram page under the #wncNLchallenge hashtag and here on the blog.

Power supply for one dayPower supply for one dayI think we are well prepared for the Ronde van Nederland. What we need now is a bit of luck with the weather. The last two days were a bit busy, I was working at two place at the same time, plus I had prepared everything for the big challenge.  Barbara has helped a lot lately, actually she is doing that all the time J, but now I really needed a helping hand.First of all I had to make my power packages, my food supply for the tour. I have done the math last week, and I calculated more or less how much food I’m going to need each day. The result was, that I need a lot! After consulting with a few people, who have more experience in long distance cycling, I wrote a list for the daily food supply.

It includes:
- Home made flapjacks (roughly 1kg)
- 1x power bar (protein)
- 2x tins of sardine
- 3x Bifi snacks (this was the most practical choice for meat)
- Some beef jerky
- Salted crackers
- Isotonic drink powder (for more or 2,5l water)
- Recovery sports drink powder + protein powder (for the end of the day)
- Vitamin C and multi-vitamin pills

All of this for one day, and it weights 1.8 kg, which means that I have to carry 7.2 kg food plus 2.5 l of water with me already on the first day, and that is only the food supply. This wasn’t a good solution, since I want to travel as light as possible. I had to make a compromise. I sacrificed the liberty of staying for the night wherever I want to, for loosing some cargo. So I devided the route in more or less four equal sections and I began to search for accommodations. I succeeded to find for every location and I arranged with the owners that I send my daily food package in advance to them via post. Cool, I don’t have to carry all that food with me, I only have to arrive every day to the arranged accommodation, or there will be no food next day J. There shouldn’t be a problem, I have to be optimistic after all. Power packages were sent yesterday, and according to the workers in the post office, Easter won’t interfere with the delivery time, I hope they are right and all packages arrive in time to their destination.

On Thursday happily the cordura fabric and the accessories what I have ordered from Extremetextil has arrived, so I could begin to sew my full frame pack. Yesterday afternoon, I red through carefully for the 4th time the DIY frame bag tutorial on Since I already had some experience of sewing, because I made a couple of days ago the saddle bag. Working with the cordura fabric was way more easier than the rough tilt. It took a while to figure out everything, but eventually at 22:00 I was ready with my full frame pack. Yes, it is not that pretty as an Apidura bag, nor that perfect, but the price is less than the half, including the second-hand sewing machine’s price also! Knowing all this, I think I’m going to do our own personalised frame bags and panniers for Wheel Nuts Cyclotouring too.

The final productThe final productBack to the beginning, I think we are prepared. Until Tuesday, I try to eat and rest as much as I can, to be nearly 100% ok for this trip.

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