Best bicycle tour guide training?

Let me sum up for you why I am actually working as a bike messenger lately. 1: I need more free time to work with Wheel Nuts Cyclotouring, that wasn’t possible with my previous job. 2: Since my last job was only 1,5km away from my home, I cycled like 15-20km/week, which is nothing. As I am going to be a tour guide, I also have to build up some stamina and force. So being a bike messenger is ideal from this point of view and hopefully it will give me the power to cycle for a profession after we move back to Portugal in June.Keep smiling, even if it is raining!Keep smiling, even if it is raining!

I was working as a bike messenger two years earlier, when we arrived to Eindhoven/The Netherlands, since it was a reasonable choice, I like to ride, I do not have to speak much Dutch, which I couldn’t obviously back in those days. But it was a short period, never actually could feel what it is to be a bike messenger. After four intensive weeks now I can tell, slowly but surely I am feeling it :)

First of all, there is nothing cooler than to do every day something different, go to new place, see fancy companies, buildings, etc. You just walk in as an outsider, in your stretchy bike gear and helmet to an old castle like building full with lawyers and cars parked outside like Tesla, S-class Mercedes. Everybody looks at you, a few with pity, but some even with admiration. But you surely gather attention. I particularly like the small chats with the assistants, who I have most of the times contact in the daily routine. They are always kind. Obviously they have to be, if someone step in to those companies as a potential client or business partner, the minimum is that they get a smile from the other side of the desk. But I also get my smile from them, sometimes I even get invited for a coffee. I try to be as polite and kind as possible, since I am the face of my company, and a good impression on a client always gets its reward in some way. So that is two, getting insights from places which you normally do not see, I find that interesting. My number three advantage is the daily distance traveled, the more I pedal the better I feel at the end of the day. It is relative though, because riding 40km in pouring rain and 2-3 Celsius degrees makes me feel like I was doing 120km in normal weather conditions, and what I mean normal is first of all dry.

My biggest cargo until now :)My biggest cargo until now :)

So in this way we get to the downsides. Worse thing what can make your day miserable, is the weather. Not counting an accident or a personal mistake, which I hope that won’t happen, I do my best to avoid them. Riding all day long wet in a relative cold temperature is not good at all. Here it happens quite often, since this is The Netherlands. But the locals don’t seem to care with the bad weather, my guess they are used to it. After two years I still admire those people who go outside for jogging, walking with the dog, cycling or doing any outside activity in this type of weather. And I see that a lot! The only defense against this weather is to keep moving, no matter how good clothes you have, eventually you’ll get wet. It is not that tragic, after a while I also learned what is the best way to keep myself warm, and how to dry my cycling gear as quick as possible, since sometimes I have only a couple of hours at home to prepare for the next shift.Weird cake :) quickest way to dry my shoes, don't turn up the heat much!Weird cake :) quickest way to dry my shoes, don't turn up the heat much!

Major Winter also takes quite a toll on my #Frankensteincolnago. Within a month I am already using my second chain (10 speed system is not the best choice for bike messenger work for sure!) and I changed the brake pads two times already. I had to clean and grease my hubs and the cassette body as well, to prevent further damage. I do not count the four flat tires here, that was just simply bad luck I guess. So this is my first impression in a few words after a month. The good news is that I ride a lot, and I can already see some signs that my cycling muscles are growing back, and that is the most satisfying! I hope that spring eventually comes and brings a bit dryer weather.



Dirty FrankensteinDirty FrankensteinBrake pads are vanished again....Brake pads are vanished again....Wear on the chain and the cassetteWear on the chain and the cassette